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Every Child should be educated
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Right to Education
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow
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Today's Child are the future of Tommorow

Today we pressurize our children to get highest marks in the exam. We concentrate on our children to learn/memorize the topic/lesson or what else but we always ignore what is the use of in real life/how and where it can be used in real life, the purpose/aim of the topic in real life. Take small example of on topic Algebra (Maths) (Why/How/Where it can be used). This website OUTSIDESCHOOL.IN basically connecting student to student/teacher/tutor's of their own School or from other School to get/share knowledge for better future of the Student's in India and outside India. Providing helping to student's who are slow in writing in their Class by uploading classwork of their own classmate's. Sometimes some student's require polishing of their mind's and they do better with their own previous performance.

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